Bonus Multiplier Slots

Advantages of playing with maximum coin size:

You will not get advantages of max payment if you play with lower coin sizes. That is why it is desirable to play multiplier slots with maximum coin size. Slots players should lean two types of multiplier slots; video slots and reel slots. Because if anyone lean these two types of slots then he will able to maximize his total winning chance easily.

Reel Multiplier Slots:

Reel slots have not only single payline but also bonus multiplier slots characteristics. You should not play with one-four coins on this machine. You will get lower percentages if you strike a jackpot. As for example, if you play with one coin then you will be paid with 100x the opening bet. For 2 coins the bet will be 200x, 3 coins this might be 300x bet, and 400x bet for 4 coins. One the other hand if you bet with five coins per spin then the game might make payment at 1000x the initial bet. It's just an example. But it gives a clear concept that if you play with lower limits then money will leave.

Video slots

This slot has multiplier paylines. These payline often ranges into dozens of it. In order to succeed for the maximum jackpot amount, you need to bet for all the paylines. But it will be no result on the payouts if you bet more than 1 coin per payline. For video slot machines, it will bet better for you if you bet 1 coin per turn while play with multiple paylines. Although you will get options to paly with five coins because casinos always prefer you to maximize the bet that don't pay hush money!

Recommended Slots Casinos US Score Bonus
1. RushmoreCasino OK 10 $125
2. WinPalace OK 10 $300
3. LasVegasUSA OK 10 $800
4. ClubUSA OK 7 $150
5. OnlineVegas OK 7 $300