Casino slots FAQ and answers

Is it safe to play online slots?

This is the most frequently asked question in sites. The question of safety and security is always the first and should be answered satisfactorily. The answer on this is, yes. The slots industry, online in particular, has licensers' regulations. And every player can check any site for a license.

How does Slots work?

Such game like Slots is work through online casino slots. On the slots casino site one can opt flash free slots play or open a money account and download certain software. With the help of the first option players can see all necessary information and if this site fits to you, you can to sign up and open your own money account. After this you will receive slots information.

Flash slots play

Flash slots are the option that online casinos can offer you. It enables you to play slots just from the site and there is no need to download the software on the computer.

Play money

With the help of this option, players can to familiarize themselves with the site's operation without an expense of money. Play money don't reward with some prizes or bonuses, but experience is a prize too.

Online Slots strategy

If you want to become a pro in Online Slots, you should know that the longer the play is the more chances to win you have.

What are Symbols?

Symbols are very important in Slot game. They can be different: cherries, bells, pictures of celebrities or cartoon characters. The point is that each of these symbols has its own option and every player should know it.


The term Hold describes the coin percentage. Usually it is from 3% to 15% in offline casinos and from 1% to 10% in online.

Now you know the answers on Slots frequently asked questions and can start to play the most exciting game in the world.

Recommended Slots Casinos US Score Bonus
1. RushmoreCasino OK 10 $125
2. WinPalace OK 10 $300
3. LasVegasUSA OK 10 $800
4. ClubUSA OK 7 $150
5. OnlineVegas OK 7 $300