Cryptologic is a leading dealer of online casino This band was established in 1996. This is a software improvement companyspecialized in encryption expertise. This company started producing online casino software after identifying the potential of casino games. Generally, Cryptologic is considered as a grandfather of online casino gamming. Cryptologic proved themselves as a reputable, secure and trusted supplier of top tier, high quality casino gamming systems for online.

Reasons of Becoming World Famous Company:

As a public company cryptologic struggle to not only for creating better products class and experience but also the set a height level of ordinary in online casino industries. Depending on their many years experience on software development they have produced hundreds of fantastic game software to make online game easy and enjoyable. They have also prepared a business along with company named Marvel comics to make different games such as The Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, Punisher, and many more. It is true that Cryptologic is always an updated software company, remain on the front. They always make new and novel games and features of their games are so appealing that attract not only players but also casino operators.

Targeted Area of Cryptologic:

Cryptologic is a leading gamming software group in the world except USA. Cryptologic no longer allow players from USA because of temporary of the UIGEA.

Games of Cryptologic:

Cryptologic generally uses Java and Flash platform. Cryptologic have developed more than 200 games which are downloadable. They have also 60 plus browser based casino, slot, table and progressive games. The games offer excellent graphics, multiplayer system, and best features of video and slot games.

Drawbacks of Cryptologic gamming software:

Although the gamming software of Cryptologic are perfect for online gamming but they have also some minor drawbacks. As for example Cryptologic table games are bit slower to play because of enormous use of animations, even table games response slowly when switch off.

However, Cryptologic have been developing products for different years and already won various awards. The games of Cryptologic are the most desired games by players, casinos and industry journals. These games are good enough and also enjoyable and that is why traffic of online casino websites is growing rapidly!

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