Symbols of Free Slot games

Slots can be of different types and depict a large variety of entertaining themes and slots symbols, which are cherries, sea, even movie stars. All these make the game more funny and interesting.

The history of Slots Symbols

Long ago Slot machines were based on such a game like poker and its symbols were from a deck of cards. Later, hearts, horseshoes, bells were added.

Advertising of Slot Symbols

As Slots became very popular, it was decided to use Slots symbols as advertising for The Bell Fruit Gum Company, which decorated the reels with fruit symbols with the aim of representation gum flavors. And famous BAR symbol became the company's logo.

Celebrities and cartoon characters on the Slot machines

When slot machines became more popular, pictures of such famous people like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, James Bond, Frank Sinatra, the Osbournes and Superman were used as Slots symbols in order to attract more comers to play this interesting game. Cartoon characters are also make this game more fun.

The importance of Slots symbols

Every gambler knows that it is very important to recognize all Slots symbols because these games often have special symbols, which can mean changing of the game outcome. A wild symbol, for instance; if such symbol appears it mean that winnings are multiplied. But there a lot of different pictures, which can mean a wild symbol. Also slots have bonus games, which can be activated only with certain combination of symbols.

There is a scatter symbol in Slot game, which is considered to be the most common bonuses which one can find on online casinos. The scatter symbol activates a bonus game. The difference between scatter symbol and other symbols of the game is that scatter symbols don't appear on the pay line and can't be change into wild symbol.

So, if you want to play Slots well, you should know how these symbols are look like because it can change your winning and make the game more exciting.

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