Regular Multiplier Slots

Kinds of Multiplier Slots: There are many kinds of multiplier slots; bonus multiplier slots and others. There are some strategies that should follow to play this game as discussed below.

Strategies for Playing Bonus Multiplier Slots:

  • You should know first that payment of the bonus multiplier slot is greater for a jackpot strike with the greatest number of coins. This payment is more than straight multiplication. As for example, 800 coins are paid by Double Diamond game when 1 coin is played. If you play with two coins then the coins will be double that is 1600 coins. The coins will be 2500 when the jackpot is increased by multiplying with three; extra 100 coins are given as a bonus when the jackpot is 3 times than previous.
  • There are some players who suggest that you should pay with greatest number of coins. Because it will help you to be qualified for the maximum possible jackpot. On play line of some games you can find three jackpots, but win nothing if you place bet fewer than the largest.
  • Another theory is that players should bet with just one coin. As your bet will last longer, and striking the jackpot is finally to happen anyway.

However, the decision is up to you about what strategy you will follow. Because wisely taken own decision always brings better result!

Strategies for Playing Other Multiplier Slots:

  • You should choose such a machine which have multiplier icon. For a winning combination when that icon is appeared on the payline, the payment is multiplied 20, 5, 10 or 2 times. As for example, at a 5X machine, when max are placed then the payout of three bars is 20 coins. But that payment will be hundred coins if we replace one bar by multiplier icon.
  • You should choose such a machine which has both kinds of bonuses. There are many machines that tender both kinds of bonuses. You cab choose Wild Cherry because Wild Cherry offers not only a bonus multiplier but also 2X multiplier.
Recommended Slots Casinos US Score Bonus
1. RushmoreCasino OK 10 $125
2. WinPalace OK 10 $300
3. LasVegasUSA OK 10 $800
4. ClubUSA OK 7 $150
5. OnlineVegas OK 7 $300