Terms of Use

The players certify and warrant their understanding of the rules and regulations that are listed below:

• If you won a price or a sum that is deemed by the management as worthy of publicity, you agree and you will be present for any event that is arranged by the company. The company will ensure your privacy.

• The players agree to follow and uphold the rules and regulations of the casino as well as any revisions that could be done every now and then. The players agree to the rules for eligibility that are included above.

• The players agree to not use, open, or recycle an account or participate in any games at the casino or accept any price if they do not understand the rules and regulations that are included that could be revised at a periodic time.

• The players should review the rules and regulations at least once a month whenever a new one is specified and advertised on the website. The player ensures that there are no legalities and restrictions that prohibit him or her to play at the casino. The player should also accept the responsibility to know is online gambling is allowed in the country in which he or she resides to.

• The player should be an adult who is of legal age as deemed legal in the country in which he or she resides.

• The player does not deem the website, its promotions and software as obscene, indecent and offensive.

• Any third party should not be allowed into a personal account use the program and accept any price. The player should not allow minors to play any games of the casino.

• The player understands and accepts that no money in for form of bets or deposits is required to get the software and use it.

• The player also indemnifies the company including its staff and top management as well affiliated people and organizations from any expenses or costs for transacting in the casino.

• Included in the indemnification are all the costs and expenses for any actions that could arise as an effect of criminalization of online wagering in the player's territory or jurisdiction.

• If the entrants will not comply in the rules. They will be removed from their accounts.

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2. WinPalace OK 10 $300
3. LasVegasUSA OK 10 $800
4. ClubUSA OK 7 $150
5. OnlineVegas OK 7 $300